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Hello, I’m Lauren Sonnenberg, founder of LifeCore. I’m a psychotherapist and wellness consultant specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and illness.


Are you looking for a natural, non-invasive way to treat your pain?


Are you concerned that you’ll become addicted to pain medications?


Are you sick and tired of feeling the pain?


Are you weary of trying the same old interventions without much relief?


Are you feeling worse than when your pain first started?


Are you afraid that you are going to lose more ability to function?


Are you seeking a last-ditch effort in hopes of avoiding surgery?


If you can relate to any of the above, then this program is right for you!   


If you’ve become hopeless and frustrated that perhaps there’s nothing else that can be done to help you overcome your pain, then I’m really glad that you’ve found the Transform Your Pain program!


Transform Your Pain is a 6-session online interactive group pain reduction program, designed to provide the education and tools necessary for people with pain to reduce and alleviate suffering through a focus on the emotional factors that contribute to pain.  The webinars are live, and recordings are available for those that cannot attend in real time or for who would like to review the material and techniques. 


Session #1: Mapping & Tapping

*Map the multiple components that comprise your pain.

       *Learn the EFT “tapping” technique for immediate pain relief.

Session #2: Discover the Connection

*Discover the powerful mind-body connection underlying pain and disease.

       *Learn the brilliant science that proves emotions and pain are connected.

Session #3: Clear the Core

Understand how your past impacts your present pain and disease.

        *Apply EFT to thoroughly remove the roots of your pain.

Session #4: Bust Through Beliefs

        *Free yourself from limiting beliefs about pain and healing.
        *Tips for handling other people’s views of your pain & disease.

Session #5: Free Your Fears

*Explore how hidden fears lock us into our pain.

        *Unleash the power of EFT to clear fears and unblock these barriers.

Session #6: Transform Your Life

*Realize the deeper messages and meaning of your pain.

       *Transform your pain into health, wealth, love, and abundance!



The roadmap, techniques, empowerment, and access to resources that you need in order to overcome your pain.

The hidden information about pain that many medical professionals don’t even know about yet!

*Easy Access*
The whole program delivered to you in the comfort of your own home, without needing to pay for transportation or sitting endlessly in a waiting room.

The ability to actively participate in the live seminars or to listen into the recordings afterwards at a time that works better for your schedule.

*Affordability* And, get all of this for less at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions!



First of all, give yourself credit for not having given up on yourself! For many people, their pain is so intense that they just want to give up, but you are here, and so I know that you are still searching and hoping for something that will help you. Secondly, your doctors have done their best to help you, but conventional medicine has a limited scope of approaches to help with pain.

And that’s why Transform Your Pain was created…to support the medical care you already receiving and to help people like you to gain access to the missing parts of the overall pain alleviation puzzle. If your pain hasn’t gotten better yet, it’s because you don’t yet have all the information and tools that are necessary for your healing.


Whenever people talk to me about their pain for the first time and I tell them about Transform Your Pain, they get very excited. People are so relieved that there is something else that can be done to help reduce or eliminate their pain and to make sense of why they have their pain in the first place!

People’s eyes light up with hope when they realize that Transform Your Pain is what they’ve been seeking…and with good reason. It presents a major opportunity for healing!


*Super Convenient:
Doesn’t require you to travel or leave the comfort of your home

*Flexible Participation:
Gives you the option to actively participate or to remain quiet

*Recordings Available:
Allows you to watch the recordings of the webinars in case you can’t attend the sessions


What’s different about our approach to pain reduction is that we are addressing the emotional factors that contribute to the existence of your pain. This may be an entirely new notion for many potential participants. That’s okay. We totally understand that this may feel like uncharted territory.

In light of your valid concerns, consider this:

If everything you’ve done to date hasn’t helped that much or at least hasn’t provided lasting relief, then you only have the options of:

1) Continuing what you’re doing

Doing nothing at all

Or trying something else

And that whole “trying something else” idea may feel risky for some people, but, remember, “no risk, no reward”?


Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. And Transform Your Pain was designed in part to help make it a whole lot less risky for people to try new pain reduction approaches.


Instead of jumping in blindly and paying full-price for individual sessions for treatment approaches that you know very little about, LifeCore designed Transform Your Pain to be:

*Educational: Gain a more complete understanding of how you can address your pain from a new angle

Participate from the comfort of your own home without
traveling or sitting in waiting rooms

Invest only a fraction of the cost of what it would be to purchase individual sessions

Transform Your Pain provides you with the tools, the roadmap, and the encouragement to get you to your next level of healing.


In the 11 years that I’ve been a psychotherapist and wellness consultant, I’ve learned various sciences, therapies, tools, techniques, approaches, and mindsets that can be life-changing when used together appropriately. The other highly key piece I learned along the way is that your mind and body are inseparably connected. Therefore, when we are addressing physical pain, we have to be very thorough in looking at any emotional pain that a person is currently going through or unresolved emotional pains from the past that have “set in” to the body and are now showing up as physical pain. Our bodies “talk” to us…and, in order for us to heal our physical pain, we have to listen to the messages our bodies are trying to tell us.


A component of Transform Your Pain is like a “decoder” for those messages. Once we finally “decode” the message of our pain, it can leave. This “decoding” has the potential for many to truly be “life-transforming”. What I mean by that is, if a person is doing true, deep healing, relief of physical symptoms, like pain, isn’t the sum total of the positive outcome. When you remove the blocks to healing your physical pain, other positive changes start to happen in your life as well. Some of the areas those changes occur in are: financial well-being, flourishing relationships, decreased procrastination and increased productivity, and a wealth of opportunities and doors opening up in your life that you may never have experienced before.


Sound too good to be true? Well, I remain amazed time and time again about the wonders of the mind-body connection and the healing potential we hold within us. People simply just don’t know how to access it. And that’s why I’m here to help you on that path.


Access this comprehensive program by purchasing the Transform Your Pain Program today!  
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